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paris in the spring april
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France in April: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

With the warmer weather and as most attractions start reopening after winter, April is often listed as among the best months to visit France. It is also Spring season, and the already vibrant cities and charming towns become even more alive with color. New to Airbnb? Get a $43 off for your next trip if …

france in may eiffel tower
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France in May: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

May is that month before a huge volume of tourists troop to France in time for the summer months. Often associated with warm weather, pleasant days, and Springtime colors, May is one of the best months to visit France. It is one of those times when you can enjoy castles, museums, and parks without having …

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16 Best Traditional French Foods To Try When You Visit France

With diverse culinary offerings in every region, France is definitely foodie heaven. From starters to desserts, tasty snacks to fine wine, France boasts of a rich culinary heritage that has made its way to various parts of the world. However, nothing beats eating these delightful treats right in the country where they came from. When …

Medici Fountain
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France in September: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

September officially ends summer and welcomes fall in France.  The weather is still warm, but cozy. Crowds in popular cities and destinations are slowly dissipating. It is the month for long walks and watching as old towns, parks, and gardens take on the fall colors. France in September has a lot in store and here’s …