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Imperial Palace Annecy
Auvergne Where To Stay

8 Best Hotels In Annecy, France

Located in Southeastern France, Annecy is regarded as among the prettiest towns to visit in the country. Its long history, as well as its romantic surroundings, make it an ideal holiday destination. Situated by a lake, this town has canals that wind through cobbled old streets and pastel-colored houses. New to Airbnb? Get a $43 …

Chateau de Bagnols france
Where To Stay

9 Best Chateau Hotels in France

Although chateaux these days can also refer to a country mansion or aristocratic home, it’s literal translation is actually ‘castle’. Rural France boasts of a great number of these chateaux, complete with towers, gatekeepers, turrets, drawbridges, and moats. Most of these enchanting structures have been converted to heritage hotels, and staying in one is something …

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