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Nîmes esplanade
Occitanie Where To Go

5 Best Towns And Cities To Visit In Occitanie, France

Occitanie is one of the hidden gems in France. The region might not be as popular as Provence, Loire Valley, or French Riviera but there are several things to do in Occitanie that are unique and interesting. Located in the Southernmost of France, it is popular for its amazing architecture, medieval castles, and Roman structures. …

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France Bucket List: 50+ Awesome Things To Do In France

There are so many things to do in France. This country is packed with history, amazing landscapes, imposing chateaus, and activities. With this, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the long list of activities in France. Its long history has left some of the most fascinating structures and one of the most romantic places …

nimes arena
Occitanie Things To Do

11 Top Things To Do In Nimes, France

Located in southern France, a visit to Nimes in the Occitanie region is more like having your very own ancient Roman holiday. The structures that date back to over a thousand years ago showcase the town’s long history and rich heritage. Apart from the well-preserved Roman structures, Nimes is home to impressive art museums, majestic …

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