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8 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags As Of 2022

Are you curious to know the most expensive Louis Vuitton handbags as of 2022?

Operating in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide, Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram appears on most of its products – from handbags, shoes, and other leather goods to clothing, watches, jewelry, accessories, and sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton Malletier, or simply Louis Vuitton or LV, is the best-selling French fashion brand, with $10 billion to over $75 billion in annual sales. It has been consistently named one of the world’s most valuable luxury brands.

The company began in 1854, when French fashion designer Louis Vuitton established his namesake brand, making trunks for Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugénie de Montijo. He opened his own artisanal workshop at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines in Paris.

It was in 1896 that Louis Vuitton introduced the famous LV monogram to his bags. This design has become famous to this day. In 1901, that the company introduced a smaller piece of luggage called the Steamer Bag. It was designed to be kept inside LV luggage trunks.

In 1913, the Louis Vuitton Building opened on the Champs-Elysees, which was the world’s biggest travel-goods store at the time. Over the years, LV produce some of the most famous bags in the world, including the best-selling Speedy Bag and the Neverfull Tote.

Louis Vuitton’s handbags are arguably the world’s most recognizable, thanks to the label’s LV monogram logos. As one of the best French handbag brands, Louis Vuitton’s most popular products are definitely these bags.

8 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags As Of 2022

8 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags As Of 2022
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All handbags created and sold by this French fashion house come with a hefty price tag. Stop wondering; luxury these days really does come at such a high price.

Let’s check out the most expensive Louis Vuitton handbags as of 2022. Here they are.

1. The Urban Satchel – $150,000

Said to be made of real garbage and with an exorbitant price of $150,000, Louis Vuitton’s Urban Satchel is the most expensive handbag Louis Vuitton has ever produced. It is also the most controversial Louis Vuitton handbag, for both the price and the materials used to create the bag.

LV’s Urban Satchel is made from a real mix of fine leathers, plastic bottles, cigarette packs, and chewing gum wrappers, making this handbag a huge topic of discussion. However, a lot of bag afficionados call the Urban Satchel a true work of art and not a mere accessory.

2. The Pumpkin Minaudière Bag by Yayoi Kusama – $133,400

Designed by one of the most famous Japanese artists, Yayoi Kusama, the LV Kusama Pumpkin Minaudière Jewel is a limited edition bag made of pure gold, black resin, and other fine metals. Only 5 Jewel bags were ever created to make this model truly exclusive.

The pumpkin-shaped Jewel bag is a clutch inspired by miniature evening bags from the 1930s, with Kusama’s trademark polka dot pattern in parallel lines. It has a long golden chain and black interior for a classy touch.

This special edition Yayoi Kusama Jewel bag was sold in store for $133, 400. Today, however, expect to pay more if you want to add this to your collection as it remains one of the most coveted and most expensive handbags from Louis Vuitton.

3. Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière – $101,000

The small, oval-shaped Louis Vuitton Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière handbag, despite the wee size, comes with a whopping price tag of $101,000. But it’s worth the amount since the Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière is deemed a piece of art and not just a mere accessory.

12,500 small pieces of eggshell make the bag’s beautiful cream color, interspersed with gold inserts. While this is not exactly an expensive material, it took more than 600 hours to create this exquisite mosaic that form the Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière, justifying the hefty price.

The Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière couture bag was created to celebrate Louis Vuitton Malletier’s 150th anniversary. It’s a truly unique, one-of-a-kind luxury piece which can only appreciate its value over time.

4. Crocodile Skin City Streamer MM – $55,500

Part of French-Belgian fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, the Crocodile Skin City Streamer MM comes with a hefty tag price of $55,500.

The bag is inspired by the 1901 Louis Vuitton luggage designed for cruise-ship passengers. It is made of luxurious brilliant crocodile skin leather polished to a high luster, with an engraved padlock, nametag, and hot-stamped LV circle.

The Crocodile Skin City Streamer features cowhide lining and can be used as a crossbody bag. This bag is said to be a tribute to Louis’s heritage. It offers ample room for papers and files, making it an ideal for business ladies.

5. Crocodile Lady Bag PM – $54,500

Also part of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, LV Crocodile Lady Bag PM is made of beautiful exotic crocodile leather.

Priced at an exorbitant $54,500, the bag comes in two finishes – black and cognac brown – and with no Louis Vuitton logos in its exterior design.

Crocodiles are said to be treated and bred at a farm solely for the purpose of making these bags. If you want nothing to do with crocodiles, however, you can get the Louis Vuitton Lady Bag for much less – starting at over $3,000 price tag.

6. The Patchwork Tribute Handbag – $45,800

The “ugliest” bag, as critics call it, is also one of the most expensive handbags ever created by Louis Vuitton. Owned by style icons like Beyoncè and Rihanna, this “hideous” bag was designed by Marc Jacobs. The patchwork is a combination of 15 other LV handbags, which makes it a “tribute” bag as it pays tribute to several other LV designs.

To add to the exclusivity of the bag, only 24 Patchwork LV handbags were ever released by the brand, warranting the high price tag of $45,800.

The 24 Patchwork bags sold out pretty quickly, so you will have to pay for quite more if you want one of these LV handbags today.

7. The Airplane Bag – $39,000

Featuring the famous Louis Vuitton monogram leather and a metal “skeleton” or hidden metal banding to keep the outstretched wings in position, the Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag is priced at an exorbitant $39,000. This amount, some people point out, can buy you a literal plane. A Cessna 150 costs less than $20,000.

Louis Vuitton’s Airplane Bag is designed by American fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who is also the brand’s men’s creative director. It is made of supple leather and the signature LV hardware, and comes with a zipper opening for storing a few essentials in the “cockpit.”

8. Keepall Light Up – $34,138

Also designed by Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director, Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton Keepall Light Up or the Fiber Optic LED Monogram 50 Black Bandouliere handbag is a reinterpretation of the original Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag, added with a glowing version of the famous monogram logos. This luminiscent monogram motif is activated and controlled by a smartphone app.

The bag is made of innovative jacquard weave of optical and synthetic fibers, which makes this bag as stunning with the lights off as they are on. Its colors can be adapted to your preference.

The Keepall Light Up features cowhide-leather trim, matte-black hardware, double zip closure with padlock, and leather nametag. It measures about 20 inches long and has leather straps and a striped interior.

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