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Hanging Gardens of Marqueyssac
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10 Best Gardens In France That You Must Visit

The French gardens – whether they’re within estates, surrounding a castle, are among the best places to see in France. Visiting these elegant and idyllic gardens add more meaning to a French holiday. If you’re going to France soon and want to be literally surrounded by beauty, a garden tour is a must. How about …

French Riviera Where To Go

5 Best Towns And Cities To Visit In French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)

Côte d’Azur or the French Riviera in English is one of the popular holiday destinations in France. Located in the Southeastern of France, it is popular for its amazing beaches, opulent architecture, and colorful old towns. There are several towns and cities in French Riviera but selected our top 5 favorite places in the region …

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France Bucket List: 50+ Awesome Things To Do In France

There are so many things to do in France. This country is packed with history, amazing landscapes, imposing chateaus, and activities. With this, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the long list of activities in France. Its long history has left some of the most fascinating structures and one of the most romantic places …

france in may eiffel tower
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France in May: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

May is that month before a huge volume of tourists troop to France in time for the summer months. Often associated with warm weather, pleasant days, and Springtime colors, May is one of the best months to visit France. New to Airbnb? Get $43 off for your next trip if you use our link here.  …

Alsace French Riviera Ile-de-France

16 Best Traditional French Foods To Try When You Visit France

With diverse culinary offerings in every region, France is definitely foodie heaven. From starters to desserts, tasty snacks to fine wine, France boasts of a rich culinary heritage that has made its way to various parts of the world. However, nothing beats eating these delightful treats right in the country where they came from. When …

france in december
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France in December: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

They say that everything is pretty in France, but imagine its scenic landscapes and chateaus covered in winter glory. Enchanting simply turns into simply magical, and if you’re planning a visit here in December, you’re in for a treat. Even with the super cold weather with chances of snow, France remains to be a great …

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