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16 Best Traditional French Foods To Try When You Visit France

With diverse culinary offerings in every region, France is definitely foodie heaven. From starters to desserts, tasty snacks to fine wine, France boasts of a rich culinary heritage that has made its way to various parts of the world. However, nothing beats eating these delightful treats right in the country where they came from. When …

black forest
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10 Best Day Trips From Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is the capital of France’s Alsace region and is part of the long conflicted history between France and Germany. It is known for its stunning Gothic cathedral and La Petite France area. Strasbourg’s strategic location also makes it an ideal base to explore neighboring towns and villages in the Alsace and even across the …

Mont Saint Michel
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14 Most Beautiful Towns and Cities in France

When in France, it seems like there’s beauty everywhere you look. Its long history has left some of the most fascinating structures – from castles to churches. Even its capital city is known for its unintentionally romantic attractions. Picking the most beautiful places in France is no easy task. To make it easier, a city …

Versailles one of the best day trips from paris
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8 Best Day Trips From Paris, France

The elegant boulevards, iconic architecture, beautiful parks, and delicious food make Paris such a magical city that it’s easy to say you won’t get enough of it even if you have a day or two to spare. Maybe you’d rather spend long hours strolling in the Luxembourg Gardens, wandering around Louvre or hanging out at …

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