Strasbourg is the capital of France’s Alsace region and is part of the long conflicted history between France and Germany.

It is known for its stunning Gothic cathedral and La Petite France area. Strasbourg’s strategic location also makes it an ideal base to explore neighboring towns and villages in the Alsace and even across the border.

From rows of half-timbered houses to vineyards and open-air museums – here are some of the best day trips from Strasbourg, France.

10 Best Day Trips From Strasbourg, France

1. Colmar

little venice colmar

Colmar is another popular destination in France’s Alsace region after Strasbourg.

This picturesque city is easily among the best places to visit in France. Stroll along the cobbled streets of its charming old town and marvel at the half-timbered houses.

Explore more and you’d find more medieval and early Renaissance structures all over town, such az the quirky Maison Pfister.

Walk along with the riverfront neighborhood of Little Venice, and enjoy the colorful fairytale-like scenery.

Be sure to also check out the impressive Gothic architecture of St. Martin’s Collegiate Church. The vibrant and historic Colmar is an easy day trip from Strasbourg. It is easily reached via train ride that only takes around thirty minutes.

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2. Eguisheim


Eguisheim may not be the easiest place to reach using public transport, but it is a worthy day trip from Strasbourg. You first need to go to Colmar, and from there take a bus to the neighboring village of Wettolsheim.

From there, you can walk to Eguisheim. It is much better to go here as part of a guided tour of the Alsace Region to make the most of your time.

Still, it is a fantastic place to visit,  with its half-timbered houses circling out from the Château Saint-Léon right in the heart of the village. The 13th-century castle is now a church, but you can still see remains of the structure that once stood there.

Wander through the narrow streets and feel like you’re journeying through a fairy tale. Aside from the half-timbered houses, vineyards are also in abundance in Eguisheim.

Along the hills, you’ll also find the Château du Hohlandsbourg or the ruins of Husseren-les-Château­x.

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3. Frankfurt


Easily reached by train within 2 to 3 hours, Frankfurt is one of the best day trips from Strasbourg that takes you across the border.

Situated by the River Main, the old imperial city of Frankfurt is an important commercial and economic center. Marvel at the North American influences of the buildings in the banking quarter.

This part is also nicknamed ‘Mainhattan’ or ‘Chicago on the Main’. It is a global city that’s often listed and among the best places to live. As a cultural center, it is best-known for hosting the annual Frankfurt Book Fair.

As a day trip, a must-visit are its green spaces and the diverse and impressive Museum District.

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4. Haut Koenigsbourg Castle

Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg

Located South of Strasbourg, the Haut Koenigsbourg Castle was built in the 12th century. It is also one of the best castles in France.

At some point, the Habsburgs and Wilhelm II owned it and lived here.

The castle was extensively restored in the early 1900s by Wilhelm II, focusing on its Germanic roots, reflecting the lines of its original fortifications. Tour the castle and admire its 20th-century interiors, or wander around the property.

There is a tavern on-site and also a snack bar, but you may also pack a picnic and pick a spot in the parklands surrounding the castle. The castle is a great day tour from Strasbourg. It is an easy 20-minute ride away by train.

From March to December, a shuttle bus runs from the Sélestat train station to Haut Koenigsbourg Castle.

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5. Kayserberg


Kaysersberg may not be as popular as the other town and villages in the Alsace, but it remains to be a lovely Strasbourg day trip.

Start your visit here at the picture-perfect  Fontaine Constantin, which is surrounded by half-timbered houses. Wander through this pretty village and spend time along the Weiss riverfront.

Here, you’ll find charming old fashioned houses especially along the  Ancien Lavoir or Pont Fortifie area.

Another must-see in Kaysersberg is the beautifully restored 13th-century Château du Hohlandsbourg, which is also a museum. Kaysersberg can be reached by a local bus from Colmar.

This means you have to board a train from Strasbourg to Colmar first. Total travel time is about an hour and surely worth it.

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6. Ribeauvillé


Ribeauvillé is a lovely Strasbourg day tour that’s best visited along with other parts of the Alsace Wine Route. This charming little village has definitely more to offer aside from the vineyards.

A quick stroll along the village will show you its colorful houses, most of them surrounded by pretty gardens. A walk through the old town meanwhile will lead you to medieval castles and churches.

The summer months like July and August are among the best times of the year to visit Ribeauvillé as the vineyard views against the clear sky are quite stunning.

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7. Riquewirh



The picturesque Riquewihr is regarded as one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (one of the most beautiful small, rural villages).

It is one of the best Strasbourg day trips even if it wasn’t easily accessible by public transport. You’d have to take a 30 minute trip to Colmar by train, then a quick bus ride to Kayserberg, and another 15 minutes to Riquewihr.

If it’s your first time, make it part of a guided tour instead. Riquewihr is the biggest producer of Riesling wine.

Along the village, you’ll find a number of tasting rooms, wine shops, and wine stubs. Wine stubs are wine lounges that are similar to pubs, which also serve food to go with the wine.

These places are the top attractions in Riquewirh and a must-try when you visit.

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8. Freiburg


The medieval town of Freiburg is another great day trip from Strasbourg that’s across the border. Officially called Freiburg in Breisgau, it is situated on the edge of the Black Forest.

Here, you’ll come across canals and little streams that seem to appear out of nowhere. These waterworks even run down specially made channels in the streets and sidewalks.

There’s a local legend that says that if you step in one accidentally, you must marry a Freiburger. This town is perfect for a leisurely stroll ss there’s a lot to see. Stop at playgrounds, wander into little courtyards, or simply bask in the sunshine.

After all, this town is also known as the sunniest spot in Germany. From Strasbourg, it only takes 2 hours by train to reach Freiburg.

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9. Baden-Baden

baden baden

Baden-Baden is a 19th-century spa town that’s also on the edge of the Black Forest. For 200 years, it is also known as the gateway for France and Germany.

While here, be sure to relax in one of the thermal spas. It is also a must to try some of the local food, such as Käsespätzle (cheesy egg noodles topped with fried onions) or Maultaschen (a sort of German ravioli, often served in broth).

These are best paired with local wine. Baden-Baden is one of the easiest day trips from Strasbourg as it only takes 30 minutes to get here by train.

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10. Black Forest

black forest

A visit to the Black Forest has to be one of the best day trips from Strasbourg. Getting here takes two hours by train from Strasbourg, but absolutely worth it.

The Black Forest Open Air Museum is quite an experience. A visit here gives you a sense of what it was like in area 300 or 400 years ago.

Check out the old houses filled with period furniture and tools. Watch the demonstrations of old crafts and skills done by costumed volunteers. Be sure to dine in the massive restaurant and have a slice of the eponymous cake.

The Black Forest a completely different environment compared to most places in the list and something that one must experience.

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